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What the hell is Scrappy Artist? Hell if I know it's a lifestyle or a life choice? Whatever, I’m living life. I’m an artist, graphic designer, and woodworker. I like to make stuff. I have a BFA from Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL. Survived living in the city of Chicago for 11 years and somehow ended up in a cornfield next to Petersburg, and couldn’t be happier.

I make things by hand and try to locally source stuff I can’t. The designs are my own. I’m the woodworker draped over a computer getting sawdust all over the house (my wife hates it). In my free time I work on our 100-year-old farmhouse, garden, chores, and sometimes show up to work.

I hope as things progress that I will continue to produce some quality pieces. Spread some joy, maybe make some people laugh. Heck, I wouldn’t mind making some friends along the way.

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